Welcome to the Loss Lab! We study multiple aspects of global change ecology and management. Our research is question, issue, and concept driven and applies principles of conservation biology, urban ecology, invasion biology, disease ecology, and landscape ecology. Birds are the focus of much of our work, but we also study plants, invertebrates, and wildlife more broadly.


We have ongoing projects addressing: (1) human-caused wildlife mortality, including cat predation and bird collisions with buildings and energy infrastructure, (2) impacts of invasive earthworms on soil microbes, plants, and wildlife, (3) the ecology of olfaction as it relates to prey habitat selection and predator foraging, (4) the urban ecology of tick-borne diseases, and (5) the effects of climate change on the endangered Red-cockaded Woodpecker.

Lab News

February 2020 - We are pleased to welcome Dr. Ellen Robertson as a new postdoctoral research fellow in the Loss Lab. Ellen's research evaluate effects of climate change, land cover, and land use on species distributions in the south-central US and beyond.

February 2020 - Two Loss Lab grad students, Jared Elmore and Georgia Riggs present their research at the Oklahoma Natural Resources Conference.

January 2020 - 2 papers 1st-authored by Loss Lab grad students were published in the last week, one in The Condor on building facade-level correlates of bird-window collisions by Corey Riding and one in Journal of Medical Entomology comparing methodologies to sample birds for ticks by Megan Roselli.

December 2019 - New paper 1st-authored by Loss Lab grad student Sirena Lao in Biological Conservation: Influence of artificial light at night and polarized light on bird-building collisions.

​October 2019 - New co-authored paper in Science "Global distribution of earthworm diversity" includes 4 Loss Lab earthworm data sets, including from Oklahoma, California, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

September 2019 - New co-authored review paper on wind energy impacts on wildlife--geared toward policy-makers and the public-- published in Issues in Ecology.

August 2019 - New co-authored review in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment: "Side-swiped: Ecological cascades emanating from earthworm invasion."

August 2019 - We are co-authors on a new U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report: "A methodology to assess the national and regional impacts of wind energy development on birds and bats."

June 2019 - Three Loss lab members (Sirena Lao, Jared Elmore, and Scott Loss) are presenting at the 2019 American Ornithology meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.

April 2019 - Two Loss lab grad students (Jared Elmore and Megan Roselli) are presenting their research at the US-IALE conference in Fort Collins, CO

January 2019 - New paper by Riley Lawson (Loss Lab undergrad researcher) published in Canadian Journal of Zoology: A trail cam experiment evaluating relative use of visual and olfactory sensory cues by coyotes.

October 2018 - Loss Lab grad student Sirena Lao presented her research on the association between polarized light and bird-building collisions at the annual Wildlife Society conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

September 2018 - New paper by Corey Riding (Loss Lab PhD candidate) published in Ecological Applications: Factors influencing estimation of searcher detection and scavenger removal biases in studies of bird-window collisions.

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